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15 Jul 2014


Sarwat Khan


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 15 Jul 2014

Exchanging large amounts of data over the Internet can be done much faster via torrents. The operation requires a BitTorrent client, for which you would have to spend a few minutes to learn its controls. With Tomato Torrent, you can start downloading and uploading data right away, without the need to look over any options. The application has a clean and efficient design, as well as a straightforward functionality. It doesn't come with anything more than you actually need to open torrent files, create your own torrents or start torrent trackers. The application was developed specifically for Macintosh and it supports AppleScript.

Tomato Torrent provides a compact user interface, which presents only a few options, for opening torrent files or URLs, generating new torrents or starting torrent trackers. You can also find an option for resuming recently opened torrents. All operations can be prepared without too much effort, on separate windows.

Once you open a torrent file or URL, the application will provide you with an option for selecting a destination. Additionally, you can expand the window, to reveal additional options, for viewing torrent details, setting up different upload limits and more. When everything is ready, you only need to click a Start button to begin the downloading process. The progress will be displayed on a small window, which can be expanded, to show additional information.

As previously mentioned, the application allows you to create your own torrents and trackers. Besides specifying a tracker URL, when creating a torrent, you can also decide to make the torrent trackerless. When it comes to creating a tracker, it is sufficient to specify a port and to hit a Save button, but it is also possible to make a series of fine tweaks, like specifying a number of allowed controls, a timeout check interval and more.


You can download or upload data via torrents with minimum effort. The application is capable of remembering your recently loaded torrents, which makes it easy to resume a downloading process.


You can't choose which files to download or not when loading a torrent file or URL. If you are looking for a simple and straightforward solution for sharing huge amounts of data, Tomato Torrent will meet your demands.

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